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Delaying Vaccination

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illness [Oct. 25th, 2008|07:23 pm]
Delaying Vaccination


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Hi, I am terribly sick myself so I'm going to keep this short. For those of you who have not vaccinated your child, what do you do when they get sick? How do you know if its one of the illnesses that the vaccines are supposed to prevent? I heard some of the diseases behave like a common cold. I don't know how to treat my little one, and I really don't want to take her to the doctor unless necessary because I don't want her catching something else or be prescribed antibiotics. We just moved to Korea and throughout the 6 months we were in America, we never got sick. So I'm sorta scared. Advice, please?

[User Picture]From: babyogg
2008-10-26 03:44 am (UTC)
What symptoms is she having?
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[User Picture]From: bondo
2008-10-26 04:51 am (UTC)
Yeah, list the symptoms. I get scared too, but even kids who are vaccinated can still catch the things they've been vaxed for.

There are also natural things you can use if infection happens and you don't want to use antibiotics. Olive Leaf Extract is an excellent antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal.
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[User Picture]From: the_questess
2008-10-27 06:54 am (UTC)
You just take care of her like she were sick. :-)
Chances are she'll get over it. If she doesn't, just like with any other cold that gets serious, you then take her into the doctor.
You know... high fever, trouble breathing, etc.

There's no easy way to know what she has. If it's bacterial, you can get a culture done... but if it's viral? I think the only way to know is to go in, after she's gotten over the cold, and do a titre to see what she's immune to.

Keep nursing her, monitor her temperature, and comfort her.
If you get concerned, give her pediatrician a call.

As you know, the illnesses vaccinated against are pretty rare and generally uncomplicated. But even at that, there are still diseases that can become serious which we do not vaccinate against. Vaccines just have us living in fear it seems.
When someone catches one of these other diseases, they may not even know it because they just think it's "a cold" ... or else they go to the doctor and it's taken care of.
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[User Picture]From: sayzzagain
2008-10-27 07:35 pm (UTC)
My daughter is 3 years old and has not received any vaccinations.

If you're that worried that your child may have something worse than just the common cold, you shouldn't hesitate. Bring your child in.

Good Luck.
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[User Picture]From: rredhead
2008-11-03 07:55 am (UTC)
I agree with what others have said. The (so-called) vaccine preventable diseases that are more common are chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis (whooping cough), and rotavirus. Hib (a type of meningitis) is more rare, but does happen. You need not worry about diphtheria or polio. (However, diphtheria involves coughing up gray mucous. Mmmm...)
If your child is running a fever, or if you're really worried that she may have more than a common cold or the flu, then take her to a doctor. And don't let the dr. convince you to vax while she's sick!
A great source for disease info is the CDC Pink Book (you can google it). Good luck!
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