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Delaying Vaccination

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needing to catch up on vax for daycare purposes - a few questions [Jan. 18th, 2010|04:59 pm]
Delaying Vaccination


We just started my son's shots in December (he turned 2 in November). So, he has one round of shots. It will take us until July to get him caught up with where he should be. He will get the MMR shot on Friday, and they have him planned for the Varicella shot, but I'm really thinking about delaying that another couple of months. I don't like the idea of getting him those all at once.

Our babysitter is crapping out on us, so I'm afraid we're going to have to go the daycare route. I figured we'd be doing this next school year (I'm a teacher); that's why we started his shots in December.

My question is: What exactly does it mean by being current on shots, according to daycare centers? Since he's only had the one round, I'm assuming he's not current. Although I look at it as he had the shots in December - just about as current as we could get them. Does it make a difference if he's had all the types of shots he needs, just not the amount of shots he should have if he had started getting them as an infant? Or are we out of luck getting him into daycare (without all the hassle & paperwork) until July?

Another question for those who delayed shots (or not)...
About 6 hours after he got his first shots (HIB, PC, hepB, DPT, Polio - I think those were all of them...for a total of 3 shots), his legs were so sore he couldn't walk. He was miserable, feeling crappy. I hated that we gave him all those shots at once. Is this normal for his age? When they give all those shots at once to a 2 month old, are they of the same dosage? I can't imagine how he would have felt 2 years ago undergoing all that. Will the 2nd & 3rd rounds be the same? I can't stand him going through that again and am considering spreading them out (if daycare isn't an issue, at least).

[User Picture]From: rredhead
2010-01-19 01:29 am (UTC)
You don't necessarily need to "catch up" on vaccinations for daycare. Vaccinations aren't mandatory, and many day care centers will accept the same exemption forms you can sign for state public school exemptions.

We don't vax at all, and we use day care. We're in California.

If your son was that sore, I'm voting that's NOT normal. Many people only give one vaccination at a time, if they're delaying vaccines, because so many vaccines with the nasty ingredients at once can overwhelm the immune system. (At least, that's the idea. Also, that if a child does have a reaction, you know what the reaction was to.) A 2 year old doesn't need the Hib shot at all, if I remember correctly. All the perceived danger has passed by then.

Usually, reactions get worse with subsequent rounds of shots.
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[User Picture]From: kaccii
2010-01-19 02:02 am (UTC)
I read in Dr. Sears' book that the HIB and Pc vaxes only need to be given once if the child gets them after 18 months. I want to find more info to bring to my doctor and show I've done my research.

I'll also be looking into exemptions.

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[User Picture]From: hapersmion
2010-01-20 01:25 am (UTC)
There was a little boy in my class who was about that sore after his shots a few months ago. :( He's four, and a tough and active little boy, but he could still hardly walk. I'm pretty sure they give everyone the standard vaccine dose, regardless of age, so yes, if you had gotten all those shots at two months, it probably would have been painful for the baby. :( Whether it's "normal" or not probably depends on your viewpoint. I would guess that the second and third rounds would be the same, or worse, if you got all the shots at the same time. Personally, I'd space them out if at all possible, and skip some if you can.

To be sure, you'll probably have to ask the daycare, but I think they do accept you if you're in the process of catching up with shots, as long as you're on schedule for the catch-up doses, even if you're not all caught up yet. Depending on what state you're in, some of those shots may not be required - certain ones are often recommended but not required. Also, you can usually get an exemption if the daycare you're looking at takes any federal funding, which I understand most do?

Good luck!
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[User Picture]From: kaccii
2010-01-20 01:39 am (UTC)
Thanks. I looked into the HIB and Pc vaxes and printed up all sorts of documentation to bring to our doctor. He only needs the shots he got last month and no more. Those were 2 of the shots he got, so we'll be cutting out those.

Thankfully I have another month to do more research before making anymore decisions.
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