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Delaying Vaccination [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Delaying Vaccination

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south korea, military [Sep. 6th, 2008|11:50 pm]
Delaying Vaccination

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Hi, I was just wondering if there were any sources that would say what vaccinations I should really consider if my 4 month old daughter and I are heading to South Korea soon to be with my husband who is currently stationed there.

Military families, what are your experiences with creating a vaccine schedule? Do the doctors strongly oppose it? I'm afraid that my options would either be to follow their schedule or have no vaxes and say its because of religion. I can't say, "My religion says I have to follow this vaccine schedule," can I? =P

My husband wants my daughter to attend a Department of Defense school eventually. Does anyone know what vaccines are mandatory for them?

Just curious, would they ask what religion I was if I gave that as a reason to oppose vaccinations? Because I honestly don't know which religions do.

Oh edit: I forgot to add this to my post. Say I wanted to order the MMR in three different shots. We'd pay extra for it, but would they place the order for us? I don't really know how this works.
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HELP! [Aug. 26th, 2008|11:22 pm]
Delaying Vaccination


I live on a military base and will be transferring to Wiesbaden, Germany in December. I've been told by my mom that I *have* to get my daughter immunized...please say it's not so. I am not sure yet but we were looking at following the Dr. Sears delayed schedule and then selectively vaxing from there.

If someone could tell me my legal rights in this situation, maybe point me toward some sites where I could read up on the *federal* laws as well as the German laws, and perhaps even information on traveling with an baby who has not been vax'd.

I need to be 100% prepared at her two month well baby (September 8th), because they are already asking about her immunizations and my response is "She's not getting any."

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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2008|02:32 pm]
Delaying Vaccination

So what's the deal with my kid going to school in Washington State without all the vaccines they want (or perhaps none at all)? I just have to sign a waiver, right?
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Chicken pox exposure in Knoxville, TN. [Aug. 15th, 2008|02:57 pm]
Delaying Vaccination

DS was exposed today! It will be a while before we know if it worked, but if it does I'm willing to share!
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(no subject) [Aug. 11th, 2008|03:04 pm]
Delaying Vaccination


Orignal Cookie Magazine Interview

Her response to all the backlash

On a personal note: We were recently 'fired' by our pediatrician because we want to delay vax.
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2008|08:04 pm]
Delaying Vaccination

Does anyone have a link to a religious exemption form? I had one book marked but it has diappeared!
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tags and memories? [Aug. 2nd, 2008|11:26 pm]
Delaying Vaccination
i'm exhausted and i did look and maybe i just failed to find any tags and memories? hopefully not. but, i'm currently pregnant with my first child, and i'm doing some research into vaccines. i've read the vaccine book by dr. sears and my hubby and i have decided on which ones of those to do and when. but, i want to know what shots are offered when my baby is born. i know my niece's got eye drops and some shots but not sure which ones. and if it varies state to state, i live in florida if that helps. thanks.
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great DVD [Jun. 21st, 2008|12:45 pm]
Delaying Vaccination

I'm not sure how many of you out there have seen this DVD, but I HIGHLY recommend it -

"Are Vaccines Safe?" presented by Mary Tocco

You can find it on her website at MaryTocco.com, or if you just google the title and her name you can find it a couple other places.

Information x-posted to naturalfamily, vax_awareness, moms, mar08babies, attachedparents, parenting101, 2008babies, pregnant, and my personal journal.
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2008|06:11 pm]
Delaying Vaccination

 This may be a dumb question but are any vaccinations required by law?
When I had my daughter in April, they gave me the option for her to have a Hep B shot in the hospital or at her first appointment, and I chose her appointment. I am pretty sure one of the nurses at the hospital told me it was required by law. I had to sign something, saying that I declined it. A copy of that paper was given to me, to give to her pediatrician and I haven't given it to him. =P
I feel like the only purpose to that was just to have it on record that she hasn't had the shot and that I declined it (ooo bad parent). 

I am reading the Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears in preparation for her two month appointment where she is going to be met with a barrage of vaccinations, I am sure. So in trying to prepare myself for that, I was just wondering if any of them were required by law.

Thanks in advance!
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;] Howdy [May. 21st, 2008|02:32 pm]
Delaying Vaccination

I recently joined this community to gather more knowledge an strengthen my decision to delay some vaccinations and refuse others. I live on a military base and called the family physician unit and mother baby clinic to ask about their vaccination requirements and schedules. In doing so I was told that the Hep B vaccination they administer has NO live virus or thimerosal, they went a step further and informed me that in the state of California live viruses are banned from being used in vaccinations. After doing some research and looking at all the various Hep B vaccinations I noticed there is only ONE Hep B vaccination that does not contain a live virus, it does however contain thimerosal.

On to my questions...

1) How would I go about getting ahold of my states laws on vaccinations? (Trust me, I've googled it - no luck!)
2) Does anyone know of any such laws in which live viruses have been banned?
3) How would I go about finding out what vaccines my insurance covers? I know there is a flu vaccine that has no thimerosal, but I heard it is a bit more expensive and not covered by most insurances. I have Tri-Care, if it matters.

Also, I have been told that we will not be able to move to Germany if my daughter is not fully vaccinated, as Germany may not allow it and the Army could say "vaccinate or don't PCS to Germany". Anyone know where I could find out more about this? I've tried calling JAG (legal office here on post) for more information but no one ever calls back and it's not important enough for them to give a damn, obviously. Oh, and if it matters I am currently 33w1d and my little girl is due July 8th.

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